Most of us strive to optimise ourselves in various ways, no matter what age. We spend billions each year on our health but despite our efforts, increasing numbers of people are feeling more fatigued and wiped out than ever.

But we all want to feel better right? However, majority of people try and combat the usual tiredness, fatigue, brain-fog and heaviness with perpetuating damaging high doses of caffeine, nicotine and sugar.

You may or may not have heard of the term biohacking; either way it’s been around for a fair few years with ever increasing popularity. Biohacking is the science and art of optimising and taking control of the mind, body and performance with specific systems, self-experimentation, biological changes and technology.

Don’t be put off…Simply put – biohacking is about making certain lifestyle changes in order to optimise your bodies functions, so you can feel, look and perform to your absolute greatest potential. We weren’t designed to drag ourselves through life with little to no energy.

Biohacking goes much further than your usual daily health habits. There are numerous techniques and practices you can carry out in order to maximise your potential in every area of your biology; extending your life-span, creating greater mentally clarity & brain power, increase energy, strength & stamina to whole new levels.

But don’t panic! It doesn’t mean you must perform complicated, uber-scientific intricate experiments on yourself. There are many simple ways that you can optimise yourself by implementing the following strategies into your daily life. I have been working on optimising my mind, body & brain for quite a few years now and these are my favourites:

1. Stress Reduction – It sounds simple right? But most of us are experiencing chronic stress that we might not even be aware of. We all know stress if one of the biggest silent killers and the cause of so many of todays illnesses. One of the most efficient and rapid ways to combat daily stress is just 10 minutes of deep, conscious diaphragmatic breathing allows the sympathetic nervous system to be fully activated.

Train yourself to be mindful of your breathing throughout the day – you may be surprised at how shallow you breathe and quite often through your mouth. By doing so you’ll dramatically reduce your stress levels, increase mental power and essentially extend your life. As one amazing indian Brahman said to me, ‘breathe deeply and you’ll live a long life, breathe shallow and you’ll die young’. The diagram below shows the diaphragm breathing technique, the inhale and exhale are always through the nose, whilst the chest expands in all directions on the inhale as well as the belly:

Another incredible and ever-increasing form of stress-reduction is regular practice of mindfulness meditation. Try half an hour morning and evening, focusing on the breath. Or a favourite of mine is on the ‘Insight Timer’ app and it’s called ‘Ignite Your Alpha Brain Wave State.

2. Reduce Blue-light – The blue-light from screens can disrupt our natural circadian rhythm. By switching our phones to night-mode at least 3 hours prior to sleeping, you will hugely help your sleep-wake cycle as well as deepening your sleep quality and length. Not only this, switching off all technology 3 hours before sleep will also calm down your thoughts.

3. Optimal Nutrition & Increasing Polyphenols – Focus on foods high in polyphenols. Think red/purple/brown plant-based foods. Polyphenols are powerful free-radical fighters. Plant sources like berries, cacao, coffee, pomegranate… And as for the overall diet, think ancestors. In the modern nutrition world, we’ve over-complicated diet.

Cut out the processed crap that has zero nutritional value and no refined sugars, dairy, soy or gluten as these all cause inflammation in the gut and body. Aim for organic/biodynamic whole foods; small quantities of quality whole-grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and an abundance of healthy fats from avocados, nuts, HTC Oil, Ghee etc. You can even add spirulina, coriander & chlorella for heavy metal detoxification.  In order to feel our optimal we must nourish our bodies at cellular level.

4. Supplementation – Supplements are super popular in the biohacking world. They range from Nootropics (for the brain) to body supplements. There are certain nutrients and compounds that are needed from external sources to optimise our cellular functioning. The main ones to incorporate are CoQ10, EPA & DHA (not from fish) – incredible for brain health!, Vitamin C, Niacin and Niagen & Magnesium. My favourite brand of EPA/DHA are NUIQUE as shown below:

5. Intermittent fasting – I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, but intermittent fasting and fasting in general, creates longevity along with a ton of other incredible benefits including increasing mitochondrial health (the power-plants within the cells). The mitochondrial disfunction being the main reason for fatigue these days but I won’t go into that now! When we fast, we allow the digestive system to fully rest and rejuvenate (cell autophagy – simply put, a process where the cells debris is eaten and cleaned!)

When we eat around the clock and sleep on a full stomach, we don’t allow for the rejuvenation process to take place whilst using up vital energy to break down the food and essentially shortening life-span. In short, fasting each day for 16-18 hours and only eating within a 6-8 hour window, allows for cell optimisation meaning you’ll have greater mental clarity, focus, productivity and energy.

6. Exercising Smartly – Long, strenuous exercise regimes doesn’t necessarily mean better. Incorporate a balance of endurance training, weight-training and stretching. Even 12 minutes of high-intensity interval training can produce numerous benefits including higher metabolism, fat burning properties and cellular age-reversing which in turn, allow for a more strong and resilient body. Benefits of HIIT can be seen below:

7. Improving Sleep – It might sound simple, but we totally underestimate the importance of sleep especially in our busy hectic lives. Getting yourself an excellent sleep-routine will maximise your performance, mental clarity, energy and extend your life-span…not to mention improve your mood! Create yourself a regular sleep-time routine . Simple!

8. Super-Charge Brain Coffee – This is one of my absolute favourite hacks! If you often get fatigued, try this powerful combo. 1 tsp Lean Caffeine Mycotoxin Free Coffee (zero jitters!), 1 tsp Grass Fed Ghee & 1 tbsp KetoSource Pure C8 MCT Oil (3 x more powerful than the MCT in ordinary coconut oil) and extremely powerful for brain function (I also like to add a teaspoon of stevia powder for sweetness). Blend together in a blender and enjoy! Within 15 minutes you’ll be feeling sharper, more energised and more focused.

9. Cold Thermogenesis – Exposing our bodies to cold temperatures stresses the mitochondria, which comes with a load of awesome benefits. These include greater fat burning capabilities, boosted immunity and reduction of inflammation in the body tissues. Try a 90-second cold shower in the morning and watch how your energy, mental clarity and ability to handle colder weather, dramatically increase.

10. InfraRed Sauna – Studies have shown that even a half an hour of sweating can reduce heavy metals within the body. In particular arsenic, mercury, lead and cadmium. In today’s world we are becoming increasingly heavy-metal toxic which is another reason for cellular disfunction, fatigue, low moods…you name it. Too high levels of heavy metals disrupt the homeostasis of the body in so many ways. However, frequent use of infrared saunas are one of the quickest and most effective ways to remove them.

Incorporate some or all of these tips into your life and you’ll be well on your way to optimising your bodies systems; feeling super-charged and performing at your greatest potential!

Here’s to a more awesome you…