Anatomy Of The Spirit – By Caroline Myss


Everyone on earth has a particular history with their health, their life, that makes up their story. Our biology becomes our biography; what we think, feel and do, ultimately determines the path of our health and our overall life and vitality. We are fundamentally the creators of our reality in every sense and it’s in our control in how our life path is determined. That’s not to say there aren’t circumstances that can change our lives and the direction in which we go and how our life manifests, but ultimately it’s down to us. Our beliefs, our attitudes, our thoughts, our actions are the main creators of our life path.

The Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, has to be one of the most fascinating books I have come across with regards to how we are the creators of our health and ultimately, our destiny. Myss uses the wisdom from Hindu, Christian and Kabbalah traditions and creates a thorough guide to how our daily stresses, our life experiences, thoughts, attitudes, actions and beliefs cause our illnesses and ailments. Myss is a health intuitive and can basically read people’s bodies upon meeting them; determining their illness meanings and how they have come to manifest. Caroline Myss has written this book based around fifteen years of research into energy medicine and uses this research to convey how the psychological, emotional and mental stresses, beliefs and attitudes we endure, effect the human body at a physiology.

Using The Wisdom From Ancient Traditions


Myss uses the 7 Hindu chakras system, the 7 Christian sacraments and the 10 Sefirot on the Kabbalah’s Tree Of Life, to convey the 7 individual stages in which every single human must go though in order to achieve self-actualisation; spiritual maturity and consciousness. ┬áIn the book, Myss helps us how we can develop our own awareness and intuition in order to improve our lives in every sense and how we can develop the ‘Impersonal Mind & Symbolic Sight’. Explaining how in order to gain detachment from our ego, it’s imperative we develop a detached mind from every circumstance and situation that arises in our lives. We must view every situation and every person we meet as a tester, a lesson; some form of guidance and an opportunity to improve our consciousness and spiritual growth.

The Hindu Chakra System

The Kabbalah – Tree of Life

The 7 Christian Sacraments



People love to live and speak using their ‘wounds’; many people find it hard to detach themselves away from ‘their story’ and without their ‘wounds’ actually find it difficult to communicate with others. People can connect easily to ‘wounds’ as we have all experienced them in some form or another – the conversation and flow is easy as it’s something we can all relate to. However, by continuing the process and talk of our wounds and our story, we are not allowing ourselves to let go of the past. Instead we are keeping ourselves connected to the ‘wounds’ and continuing to live in this life. We have all been victims throughout our life of something; it’s all part of the process of life and growth. But unless we learn to let go of the story we tell ourselves and live in the victim mentality, the less likely we are to move forward in our lives. We have to let go of what was, and focus on what is right now in the present moment. We must be able to recognise where our dis-ease and illnesses have manifested from and act accordingly to better our health and to ascend spirituality.


Each of us has been give our path or pain and suffering for far greater reasons than we will ever be able to comprehend. We can continue to live in our pain and suffering, or we can choose to accept and move forward. We can choose to heal ourselves entirely through acceptance and will. The choice is completely ours – we cannot rely on anyone else to heal us. We can receive western or eastern medicinal treatment, but fundamentally the choice to fully heal, is ours and the full healing is only going to take place once we accept the situation and chose to rise above it with the power of our positive attitudes and by changing our belief systems that are hindering us or keeping us poorly.


Each emotion, thought, belief and action that we have ever encountered throughout our lives, is all within our body. Stored within the cells and the make-up of our biology. Like I said previously, our biology becomes our biography.


Highly recommended to everyone, you will certainly not be disappointed, every page is absolutely fascinating, full of knowledge and interesting facts. Enjoy!



Stay happy, healthy & conscious