33 years young, a qualified Master Coach, Personal-Development Enthusiast, Practicing Public Speaker, Self-Healer, Writer, Reiki practioner, Pole Fitness instructor and a travelling citizen of our beautiful world.

In the past few years, in a quest to better understand the intricate and complex mind, body & spirit connection, I have travelled to various countries worldwide. During this time I have extensively studied nutrition, personal-development, spirituality, psychology & sociology and attended numerous healing retreats, seminars, workshops and healing centres all over the world. 

Over the last decade, using the power of self-healing and various external modalities, I have self-healed numerous challenges mentally, physically & spiritually in my quest towards achieving the greatest experience of life I possible can.

You might be able to relate to some of the negative pathways I once followed in search of fulfilment – perpetuating addictions, unhealthy and non-serving lifestyle patterns & friendships. Whilst there were certainly times of temporary fun and substance-fueled ‘happiness’, these unhealthy pursuits inevitably led to mental illnesses and addictions. All of which I have overcome with consistently, patience and persistence using various techniques whilst with the understanding and practicing of universal laws.

That’s not to say I don’t still have challenges, of course the journey always continues. However, I have overcome the numerous addictions & mental illness that once hindered me for so long. 

As a result of my continuous exploration to discover the true meaning of our existence and the uncovering & healing of our early traumas, I hold a vision to help thousands of people in similar situations that I journeyed through. I believe that the world needs more light-working leaders. But in order for this to happen, we must uncover our hinderances and re-program the subconscious so that it works in our favour and not against us. It’s my vision to encourage people to step fully into their greatness and to share their light & stories with the world. In by doing so, I hold faith that humanity will rise up together in a world that desperately needs drastic change.

It is because of my own experience that I feel inspired to share my experiences, with the intention of helping to improve the experience of life for others.  To help to lift the veil, encourage self-healing and remind others of their innate, inner-light. Additionally, if we could all learn to let go, fully flourish back into what nature intended & reconnect to mother earth, we can finally collaborate in serving ourselves, each other and ultimately heal our planet.