In today’s society, women in particular, are bombarded with falsely ‘perfected’, airbrushed and highly manipulated images, portraying the phoney ideology of ‘beauty’. We only have to look on adverts, billboards and social media to be overwhelmed by the seemingly abundant amount of ‘perfect’ people. However, it’s vital to remember that these ideas are just that – false, unattainable, non-sustainable and far from a true portrayal of health and real beauty. Not only are they toxic for the mind, they also rob us of our happiness and essentially our lives. Statistically 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and 80% of women say images of women in the media make them feel insecure.

Our true purpose has been overshadowed with constant false pretence, in the relentless attempt to distract people away from feeling true happiness within.


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Understandably, it is natural for us to want to feel good about ourselves, after all, how we portray ourselves both physically, by our attitudes and by our personalities is of great importance in order for us to get through life in the most successful and free-flowing way. However, more people than ever are becoming increasingly obsessed with their looks to the point of severe, debilitating body and facial dysmorphia due to the incessant pressures we are under. I know, because I had been there for many years.

I have tried and tested countless different therapies and medical options in an attempt to overcome this burden, however, I have formulated a far simpler and natural thought-altering approach that has worked for me and continues to do so; an approach that could also help you to remember what really matters in life; helping you to feel great about yourself, if you are affected by negative obsessions towards your self-image.


the serenity healer


…Remember, by changing your perception – you change your entire reality.


My Top 12 Tips To Enabling You To Create A Positive Self-Image By Changing Your Mindset and Perception


1. Realise We Are Much Greater Than Just Our External


Understand that we are FAR more than our physical external. We are here on this earth to accomplish many great things, by obsessing over your face and body, we are not achieving anything to help the world. What good are we doing by achieving the perfect face or body? Having either or both of these things is not going to solve world issues, we cannot waste any more time on feeling negative towards ourselves, the worlds needs you.


2. People Love You for YOU


People love you for who you are, not what you look like. Remember that the energy you give off is the most important thing in life with regards to interacting with other people. You can be feeling as though you are not ‘looking your best’ but if you’re giving off the greatest energy, trust me-beauty will shine through! People feel the energy and not your warped sense of negative self-image. This is so important to remember. If you are persistently overriding those negative thoughts by positivity & focusing on being the greatest person you can be, you will soon start to appreciate yourself more; ultimately, this is what is important in life.


Rach Lewins


3. Looks Will Ultimately Fade


Looks fade, personality will ultimately get us places in life! Remember that our personality is ultimately the aspect that will see us through this life. I’m sure you have met the most ‘beautiful’ person with the most undesirable personality; suddenly they don’t seem so beautiful! On the contrary, you can have a person who society may not perceive as ‘standard beauty’, however, they have the most incredible personality and because of this their beauty shines from the inside out. Seriously, beauty is predominately energy based – feel confident regardless and your beauty will shine bright.


4. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


Everyone’s opinions and ideals of beauty are totally different, what one person may perceive as beautiful, another may perceive as unattractive. This is what makes the world an awesomely diverse place. Therefore, you cannot put yourself into a category, we are all individual and beautiful in our own ways – we all have different aspects, talents and purposes to offer the world. Do not let your warped sense of beauty hinder your progress in life. The world needs you and your unique talents – get out there and shine on the world!


5. Other People Do NOT Notice What We Notice!


People are not focusing on your perceived flaws! People are far too busy focusing on their own stuff-seriously! It took me years to realise this! People are far too busy and preoccupied with their own problems and issues, they don’t even notice the things that we dislike about ourselves. To them, it just isn’t important-therefore why should it be important to us? I find this a great way to change my perception on how others feel towards my ‘flaws’. Honestly, we live in a world where we are becoming more and more individualized, this is not necessarily a good thing – however, with regards to this topic, it can help you change your mind-set instantly towards how you think people view you. Other people are no-way near as critical to us, as we are to ourselves – we really are our worst enemies and critics!


…Serenity Comes When You Trade Expectations For Acceptance…


6. Acceptance


Accept what you have been given by nature; you are completely unique and beautiful in your own ways. We are all individual human beings with different attributes to share with the world. Accept who you are, what you have been given; accept all that is and all that you will become. The more we learn to accept what we have, the greater sense of inner-peace we will achieve for ourselves.


7. Re-Focus Your Attention


Re-focusing your attention away is key. Focus on the features and aspects you actually like about yourself and remind yourself of these parts each and every day. There must be at least one or two things that you like about yourself. Choose these features and say to yourself on a daily basis – ‘I really love this part of me’ in the mirror. Every time you find yourself focusing on the perceived ‘negative’ parts of yourself, bring awareness to this and turn your thoughts to the things you love. Eventually you will train your mind to focus elsewhere instead of obsessing relentlessly on one particular perceived flaw. This may take some time if you have focused on a perceived flaw for years on end, but you will get there eventually with repetition.


8. What you think you become


Change the perception you have on age! Age is just a number; merely a man-made aspect of life and doesn’t really have any major significance on anything. I understand that we are all ‘ageing’ as time progresses, however, the way we are truly perceived by others is purely down to our personalities and attitudes towards life. Think yourself young, and you will become young. I tell myself I am getting younger every day and you know what? I feel ‘younger’ than ever before! The mind is so powerful, re-program your mind to thinking you are getting younger each and every day. Watch yourself transform! Do not let your worries of ageing take over your life! Life is far too short.


9. Gratitude


Be grateful for what we have. Compared to the majority of the world we are so lucky. If you have a roof over your head, a healthy working body, clothes to wear in each season, friends and family, money in the bank; then you are in a much more positive position than the majority of the world’s population.


10. Don’t Care What Other People Think


Who REALLY cares what other people think. Other people’s ideas and opinions mean absolutely nothing. We cannot change what anyone else thinks and the opinions of others should not affect us. What matters is how we feel about ourselves, how we contribute to the positivity of the planet & the energy we give off to the world. At the end of the day, overall, we will be remembered for our contributions, happiness & love we poured out to the world-not our external physical features.


11. Stop striving for perfection


The greater the focus on perfection, the further away it becomes to reach. Perfection is an unattainable illusion, an illusion that can never make us truly happy as there will always be something ‘more’. Instead try to train your mind to focus less on perfection and more on gratitude for what is; accept the things you cannot change and be grateful for what you already have; and in the meantime keep healthy! Work on catching the negative self-talk and learn to become more soft towards yourself, ensuring self-love at every moment – healthy mind equals healthy body; it all starts with the mind!


12. Learn to Let Go


Let go of trying to control yourself so intently. Let go of societies expectations of how we should look and fundamentally learn to love yourself unconditionally. Love what you have been given, and let go of the control you place upon yourself-once you learn to let go, you will begin to feel an immense sense of liberation. You can finally set yourself free from the burdens that you have placed upon yourself all this time. It’s a journey and it takes time – after all we may have spoken to ourselves in a negative fashion for years and years – but it’s time to let go of the old-self; move forward and step into our innate power and purpose. The world is shifting so fast and more than ever, it is in desperate need for us to rise up with confidence and spread the peace and love.


Stay happy, stay healthy, stay conscious