We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction. It’s hard to escape from, especially in todays’ rapidly growing new-age spiritual community and peak performance coaches with endless drills about this popular law. However, the Law of Attraction, albeit a fairly modern term, has actually been around and used throughout history. Famous poets, musicians, writers, artists and scientists such as Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein and Beethoven, have all conveyed their use of the Law through their great works.


What is The Law of Attraction?


The Law of Attraction is believed to be law that governs your reality, depending on what you desire and ‘project into the universe’ so to speak – whether this be negative or positive. The Law of Attraction (LAO) is said to be a powerful force that literally determines the outcome of your reality due to our thoughts, attitudes, actions, beliefs, spoken words and visualisations. According to the LAO, we are able to create positive consequences in our lives through the power of positive thoughts and attitudes and thus on the contrary – negative consequences should we have negative thoughts and attitudes.

The law is virtually the same as Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. In simple terms, gravity is a force that pulls two objects towards each other, anything with a mass also has a gravitational pull. The greater the mass of the object is, the stronger its gravitational pull.

Is The Law of Attraction Creating Greater Separatism?


I’m sure you may have used the Law of Attraction to some degree, whether you realise it or not – I for one have used it’s power in many areas of my life and it absolutely works without a doubt. I have manifested some incredible things through the power of thought and visualisation. On the contrary, I have also manifested some negative experiences through periods of low-vibration! It definitely works but to what degree should it be used and where do we draw the line?

The law is rapidly being projected in society as a way of increasing great prosperity and rejecting anything or anyone negative in your life. This all sounds appealing on the surface as really, who would want to experience negativity in their lives? However, simply rejecting anything negative, be it hindering thought and/or person is 1. virtually impossible as we live in a diverse and complex world, and 2. creates even further separatism between humanity. The law states in order to create the positive, abundant life that you truly desire, you must dissipate all negativity – this means avoid paying attention to anyone or anything that you consider a lower-vibration than yourself.


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However, by doing so we are creating yet an even further divide in todays’ world than ever before. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. We are seeing a greater state of separatism on every street corner throughout the world. The only way humanity will rise and survive, is if we pay attention and observe each and every person and situation as an opportunity to provide love, no matter what their circumstance or state. We are here to uplift and give love to absolutely everyone, for the level of consciousness to rise and the overall vibration of humanity to increase.


The Collective Unconscious


The collective consciousness currently vibrates at an extremely low frequency. This is due to a lower collective vibration of the mind – greater depression, sadness, anxiety and pain. This also explains the increasing levels of wars, crimes and suicides worldwide. This low frequency is no way to heal our world and, therefore, absolutely essential we collaborate in order to rise and survive together!

If we perform an altruistic act by facing poverty head on, we are more likely to attract more positive situations in return (The Law of Karma). This is also an element of the Law of Attraction. You can create greater abundance in your own life as the vibrations of such acts are so high, the high-vibrational energy will return back in other forms.



Don’t get me wrong, it is our right to use the Law of Attraction to attract what we desire in our lives – there is nothing wrong with this. However, we cannot ignore anyone or anything that is of a lower vibration (or that we consider ‘negative’) as this is just a part of life. Yin and yang. Everything we come across in life is always a lesson to act upon, and how we react to such things, will determine our own experience and what we attract in return.

We’re not always going to encounter everything positive – this is the law of polarity. But what we can do, is find compassionate ways to deal with such encounters towards others and ourselves and in turn, help to heal the world and help contribute to everyone living in abundance. There’s enough abundance for everyone on the planet – we just need to play our part right. And remember, life is a blank canvas of opportunity, you are in control of what you want the big picture to look like.


What Can You Do To Help Lift Humanity?


There are ways in which we can help on an individual scale in order to help others and in turn, raise the collective consciousness. Here are some examples:

  • First and foremost, work on yourself – increase your own vibration and level of conscious awareness by using methods such as yoga, meditations, Tai Chi, healing arts, dance, connecting with nature
  • Change your diet to a more plant-based, higher-vibrational diet – not only are you increasing your internal vibration by doing so, you are also helping to reduce the negative effects that animal production has on the planet
  • Become more resourceful – more self-sustained and be mindful when purchasing items from exploiting corporations; not only do the lives of the workers and the planet from over-use of resources suffer, the products will also hold a negative, low-vibration that can affect your own vibrational field
  • Take part in local community work – being a part of local groups or becoming an unpaid worker to
  • Help a friend or family member who is going through a hard stage of their life
  • Donate to charities
  • Be informed about local governmental policies so you can help create change where needed
  • Give food/clothing/time to the homeless
  • Do something for someone purely out of kindness – it can be literally anyone. By performing ┬ásuch altruistic acts we are contributing to helping raise others vibration, our own, and thus the collective frequency.