Ohh The Curse of The Addictive Personality!


Argh the addictive personality! Hasn’t most people got one of these?! Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, food, sugar, sex, shopping….the list is endless to our crazy ego-driven addictions! I spent years and years unravelling the reasons behind my addictive nature. I always had obsessive ways, whether it was with passions, food or non-serving habits. I will keep this brief as it’s unnecessary to delve into the nitty gritty. However, I think it may be of some interest to people and it’s definitely one of my callings to help inspire and empower others in similar positions as I was in so deeply for so long.



I want to share my story of addiction and it’s consequences in brief; to expose the raw truth of how addiction can really take it’s toll in so many ways, but how it IS possible to over-come and become the most healthy and happiest you can possibly be regardless of your past. It’s also important to remember how resilient the body is, I spent years and years abusing my body in various ways, however, I now feel and look younger for my age, than I ever have. Reversing the damage IS possible. It just takes mental-strength, focus, determination and a WHOLE lot of self-love and acceptance.

I started my unhealthy addictions far too young in my eyes, my brain nor body weren’t anywhere near developed enough to cope with the consequences. But hey, it was what it was and there’s nothing I can change about it. I believe our path is our path for many reasons, our struggles are our teachings. Had I not gone through these years of darkness, I wouldn’t be who I am today.


Funnily enough boys weren’t of any interest to me throughout my teens. I was so lost in the world, unable to grasp any idea of who I was or what my position was in the world, that my sole interests were getting high, dancing and music, everything else was non-existent. I was so confused and unhappy underneath it all, that the only ‘happiness’ I found, were in artificial highs. Ok, I want to make something clear first and foremost, these years weren’t all doom & gloom by any stretch, in-fact in all honesty, these years contained some of the funniest and euphoric times of my entire life. I am not glamourising the use of drugs in anyway shape or form, but they certainly hold their place in society and if you’re one of these lucky people who can get away with indulging, then hats off to you! However, I am absolutely not and my use of drugs – in particular narcotics and sleeping tablets, subsequently created some of the darkest and most painful times of my entire life.


Overcoming ‘The Dark-Side’, Naturally…


Like I said I will keep this as brief as I can, but in short, I wanted to share that in the past 5 years, I have managed to overcome 13 years of addiction to numerous substances; drugs-wise and foods that all caused me various problems in some form or another. The reasons for me sharing this is so that others can see that it is completely possible to turn your life completely around and heal the mind, body & spirit naturally. And for you to discover who you really are without the mask of chemicals.

Without the help of any counsellor or doctor, I managed to over-come the following addictions and food-related health issues by using various natural healing techniques and a lot of mental strength! :

  • 13 years narcotic addiction (including mental-addiction to ecstasy, cocaine, methadrone)
  • Alcohol usage that 99% of the time, led to narcotic use
  • 10 years of insomnia and sleeping tablet addiction
  • 9 years of valium use
  • 7 years on antidepressants
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • 20 years of facial & body dysmorphia
  • 2 years sugar addiction
  • 1 year rapĂ© addiction
  • 2 years chewing gum addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Candida
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Parasites
  • Intestinal Dysbiosis
  • 20 Years of Negative Self-Talk!

    Natural Healing Modalities

    Alongside the various retreats I have attended, the main techniques and avenues that have helped me (and continue to do so!) to overcome these obstacles were/are breathing techniques, affirmations, visualisation, spoken gratitudes, mirror work, strict elimination diets, fasting, acupuncture, meditation, yoga – in particular kundalini, dance, incredible morning routines exactly like the one I created a blog post on called ‘How to Empower Yourself Every Morning’ and an abundance of self-love and acceptance rituals! The journey continues but I am a completely different person to how I was 5 years ago and I have reached this point to finally help others reach their light.
    the serenity healer


Channelling the Addictive Energy


The thing about the addictive personality, is that you can never actually release it, no matter how hard you try (I dislike the word ‘try’; really we should just ‘do’; ‘trying’ is a lame excuse of a word in my eyes!) Anyhow! Everything in the universe is energy, and energy can only ever be transferred and not diminished. Therefore, addiction is a form of energy that needs to be channelled in a more positively serving manner that enhances your life, rather than halts it.

I attempted on numerous occasions to release my addictive nature. However, I soon realised that I just transferred one addiction for the next. For example, I stopped alcohol and drugs, and became addicted to sugar instead. The conclusion I came to after years of experimenting with various avenues of my weird and wonderful addictions, was to channel the energy into positive passions and healthy interests rather than mind, body & soul toxicities and life-hinderances.

Needless to say, over the past few years I have probably acquired the concept of being a complete health-freak! This was probably the truth for the first two years, however, I can honestly say I have relaxed LOADS with regards to what I eat, how much I ‘let my hair down’ so to speak. Life really is about balance and for years I found it hard to find that balance. It’s important to initially recognise what is hindering you in your life, take steps to either reduce or completely eliminate them from your life, and thus find balance subsequently. I found that in the initial 3 years of quitting drugs and alcohol, I found it hard to know where my fun lay. I felt utterly boring at times and had no idea how to have fun naturally as sad as that sounds!


The Natural Highs Are Where It’s At!


Once your discover ways in which you can create ‘natural highs’ in your life, you won’t ever look back. It’s honestly about channelling that energy into doing the things you love – your passions and desires; surrounding yourself with people who uplift and inspire you; exploring what the world has to offer on every level.

Life really is for living and there is SO much beauty in the world outside of the chemical-veils. We are here to live out our passions, to be naturally happy and feel the best we can possibly feel. I spent so much of my life feeling absolutely horrific, merely existing amongst the depths of despair. It took me years and years to recover from it all that I will not jeopardise this feeling for anything now.

Stay Conscious, Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.

Rach xx