Thousands of people are finally waking up and realising that the old paradigm of working 9-5, slaving all hours for someone else’s empire, really isn’t the route forward to contentment, freedom, fulfilment and more importantly – happiness. This working regime works for some people, but let’s face it – most people carrying out this relentless rat-race cycle, aren’t satisfied. There’s no wonder more and more people each and every day are finding ways in which they can escape this potentially soul-destroying lifestyle.

Life is full of opportunity and adventure; it’s just about realising your potential possibilities in this moment. I often get asked how I escaped the 9-5 lifestyle 10 years ago and started to create a life by my own choices and not someone else’s, this opportunity is possible for anyone, however, not everyone realises it. I have formulated the following tips in order to help you to create a life of freedom, fun and possibilities – in order to help guide you expand your capabilities and ultimately live in abundance of time and opportunities.


the serenity healer


1. Make a List of the Most Important Aspects of Your Life


You might find that travel and freedom isn’t your thing, and that’s absolutely ok – we’re all different. However, I believe that most people given the opportunity, would like to have more freedom in their lives. Write down a list of all the things in your life that are of most important to you from 1-20; 1 being the most important. It can be absolutely anything, from your relationship, or work to money or freedom. If you feel that your most important aspects aren’t being fulfilled, it’s time to start working towards them! If you find that freedom is near the top and yet you don’t feel as though you currently have enough, start writing down realistic ways that could potentially help you to start achieving this goal, however small and start working towards them.


2. Take Action!


It’s that whole cliché saying, but if we don’t take action, nothing is going to change. We need to start with even the smallest of actions in the right direction in order to start achieving our goals. Analyse where you can take the first action; if you desire greater freedom in your life, you can start by researching and listing ways in which you can create more freedom. If you are not happy in your current job position, for example, list potential routes you can change your reality and starting acting upon them.


3. Realise Your Creative Potential


Creativity is our birth-right, we are on this planet to manifest and create. Unfortunately, society has dumbed down our creativity, causing the right sides of our brains (the creative side) to be dulled; and in this process many of us have lost sight of who we truly are and what we are truly capable of. Write down a list of things that you feel you are most creative in, what inspires you, what do you resonate with, or are drawn towards. Start making a conscious effort to start working towards these creative ideas each and every day, no matter how small – it all starts with baby steps.


4. Do What You Love & Create a Business Based Around This!


Using the list you’ve created, start thinking of ways in which you can use these creative skills in order to start a business – remember it’s important to be doing something based around what you love as you will put your heart into it. Anything is possible and the world needs your creativity! The key is to start small. Start by researching the current market and get inspired through other people doing similar things. The internet has grown exponentially in the last two decades and has changed the world infinitely – there is endless opportunity and room for everyone to create a life they truly love using their creative abilities. The world is vast and in this crazy world you can literally monetise anything these days! It just takes a little thought, first steps and inspiration to help you to expand.


the serenity healer


5. Get Your Ideas Out There!


Start displaying your creative ideas on social media; you may have a disposition to social media (I totally understand!), but it really is one of the greatest platforms in today’s world to create recognition and to expand your potential business ideas. This way you can test your field, see what people like about your ideas and develop them. You can do it in ways that are purely business related if social media isn’t your thing. Develop a page on either Facebook or Instagram (or both) that is solely focused on your creative ideas. By doing so you will also start to attract like-minded people in your field and this can help with inspiration and growth.


6. Surround Yourself with Positive, Inspiring People


Assess the people who you spend the most time with. We become the same vibrational match to the 5 people we spend the most time with – so be careful of who you choose! Ensure you are surrounding yourself with inspiring and likeminded people, who will support, uplift and bring positivity in your life and your plans – this is so important to your overall being and your future; it will help you to develop yourself as an individual whilst supporting the growth of your creative endeavours. Choose wisely! And remember, the more time you spend doing the things that you love and expand your creativity, the more you are going to attract people who are more in line with your true purpose and happiness.


7. Understand That an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Takes TIME!


Have no illusions! Entrepreneurial life is far from easy and requires inner strength (as it’s full of ups and downs!), belief, perseverance, patience and dedication. However, the rewards can be incredible and that’s why it’s all worth-while. This path isn’t for everyone, so it’s really important you work out and discover what is really right for you. I would highly recommend reading ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Timothy Ferris for a more detailed insight on how to become an awesome entrepreneur and use the precious time we have, wisely. Click on the link below to read more and purchase:

8. You Make Your Own Luck in Life, It’s All Down to YOU


Anything you desire in this life, can be manifested by the power of thought – it is completely down to our own thoughts as to how we create and formulate our reality. Ask and it shall be given! Literally, if you desire something with all your heart, ask the universe for guidance and start recognising the signs that will inevitably unfold. There really is no such thing as luck, we make our own ‘luck’ in life.


9. It’s Such a Small World and Yet So BIG!


The world can seem overwhelming; I totally get it! But, it really has a ton of infinite possibilities that are available to everyone if you just believe and focus. Everyone who you believe to be creating a life of freedom, started small. There is room for everyone to live a life of freedom and happiness, you just need to believe it and start acting upon it. Once you realise how powerful and creative you truly are, the universe will unleash its powers to completely work in your favour.


10. Practice Living in the Correct Vibrational Frequency to Your Desires


Start practicing really feeling the feeling as though you already have what it is you most desire. The more we live in the vibrational match to what we desire, the more likely we are to attract our greatest possibilities. Each morning, really visualise what it is you desire; imagine you are already there and breathe that experience into your being. The more we live in that higher vibration, the more likely we are to manifest all that we desire. Remember, it’s also so important to practice self-belief; first and foremost, we must practice believing in ourselves and our capabilities wholeheartedly. It all starts with self-belief! Start every morning affirming to yourself that you are fully capable of creating the life you truly desire; in no time at all you’ll be witnessing the magic unfold for you.


Stay happy, stay healthy, stay conscious