Morning is by far the most important time of day in regards to how you feel for the rest of the day. It is the start of our day and depending on our state-of-mind depends on to determine how the rest of our day will unfold.

Most people, once their alarm goes off, roll reluctantly out of bed, stumble to the kitchen to scoff their breakfast and gulp down a coffee. This is in attempt to overcome the lack of sleep from the previous night. They then brush their teeth whilst brushing their hair with the other hand and sporadically attempt to organise themselves whilst rushing out the front door for the hectic day ahead. Throughout the day most people are unfocused and un-present, predominately due to the hastiness of their hectic start.

Would you not rather feel alive, calm, naturally refreshed, focused and present throughout your days?


Most people have a morning routine. However, in order to establish a positive and successful day ahead, a morning ritual is imperative! We must condition our mind and body first thing, before we do anything. This is of absolutely importance and the skeleton-key to our overall success and happiness in life.

Not only does a positive morning ritual gently wake us up and keep us present, create a greater sense of serenity, happiness and focus throughout the day. A morning ritual can also help to improve our relationships with those around us as our state-of-mind is elevated and our state-of-being is centred.


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My Simple 20-Minute Morning Ritual For Creating an Even More Fabulous You!


Here are my top 10 tips on how you can perform a positive morning routine, day after day. Remember, do not fret if you cannot fit them all in – even doing a few off the list will help you to see a huge difference in many areas of your life! However, you will need to start setting your alarm clock slightly earlier in order to reach that peak state:


1. Write down your tasks for the next day in a list, the previous night


This is imperative for two main reasons! By writing down your tasks the previous night for the following day, you will sleep deeper and more consistently because you’ve cleared your mind of tasks on paper. Additionally, you will also feel more clear upon awakening because you already know what needs to be done. This will help you feel more calm in the morning.


2. Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than you normally would


By setting yourself this extra time, you can perform these simple tasks without stress that you will be late. If you find this is a shock to the system at first, try going to bed slightly earlier to balance it out.


3. Check-in & Meditate


When your alarm goes off, mentally check in with yourself. Smile to yourself even if you do not feel like it – trust me this will immediately lift your mood! Take a few deep breaths and feel into your body, noticing any sensations and most importantly DO NOT check your phone!

The mind needs time to adjust to waking up and it’s important to keep the mind calm and clear at this point – by checking your phone straight away, you create busyness in your mind and a possible level of anxiety. Get out of bed, make your bed and sit in a comfortable place. Put your timer on for 5 minutes and meditate, there’s no need to meditate for hours. Literally just 5 minutes of deep-breathing and focusing on the inwards and outwards breath, will enable you to reconnect with yourself.


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4. Affirmations


Affirmations are a great way to re-program your subconscious mind and to help you elevate from negative to positive states of being. You may feel ridiculous saying them at first as they may be completely against what you currently feel and believe. However, saying these few phrases out loud to yourself first thing in the morning can seriously change your energy and shift your thought process, rapidly changing how you feel. Say out loud to yourself with a smile and preferably in the mirror!

‘I look forward to this brand new day of potentiality’

‘I am excited for what this beautiful day has to offer me – my day is full of surprises’

‘My day will go smoothly and successfully, I am organised and productive, but allow myself to relax when I need to’

‘I am open to receive all the possibilities that come my way’

‘I am beauty, strength and love’

‘I ask for protection, focus, grounding, love, productivity and compassion at all times’


‘I Am The Architect Of My Life, I Build Its Foundation And

Choose Its Contents’


5. Gratitudes


By saying gratitudes to yourself in the mirror each morning, you are projecting high-vibrational messages to yourself and out to the world – this allows you to reaffirm what great things you already have in your life, allowing even greater things to come. Say to yourself –

‘I am grateful for all that I have, all that I have ever been, and all I will become – my experiences shape me into the wonderful person I am’


‘I am grateful for the roof over my head, my bed, my financial abundance, my family, my friends and all others around me who help to shape my life’


(please note: if you don’t feel you have financial abundance, by saying this gratitude statement, you are allowing more money to flow into your life because you are programming your mind to vibrate at the frequency of already being financially abundant’)

It is important to remember that when we feel we are lacking something in life, in order to attract what we want, we must firstly act and feel as if we already have that what is desired.


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6. Put on an awesome uplifting track and DANCE!


Seriously, the first time will feel strange, but I GUARANTEE, after dancing to one of your favourite tracks for 3-5 minutes, you will massively elevate your mood and shift that stagnant energy. Moving the body and increasing your heart-rate is one of the best ways to instantly elevate your mood and energise you for the day ahead.

Another awesome part you can add to awakening yourself, is a quick 10 minutes Yoga session. Stretching out the main muscle groups is enough to help shift that stagnant energy and to kick-start your body, lifting your mood in preparation for the day. Note: If you already have a morning fitness routine, then this is fantastic, you are already ahead – just incorporate the other points listed here for maximum mood elevation!

‘Dance is the hidden language of the Soul’


7. Get showered, wear an empowering outfit & eat a nutritious, balanced breakfast


Showering will revitalise, refresh and awaken the mind and body first thing; ensure you wear an outfit that makes you feel awesome and empowers you for the rest of the day! Finally, you can finish off by providing your body with the fuel and nutrition you desire to start the day. For ideas on great nutrition please go to the ‘Nutritious Life’ blog post.

This ritual should be performed on a daily basis for maximum benefits; even by doing a few of these tips, you will begin to notice positive changes in your life and successes. Overall, you should feel more super-charged, happier, productive, positive, focused and calm. By performing these tips on a daily basis, they will become a habit – after a week you will automatically be carrying out your positive morning ritual. Initially it will require some effort, but it will soon become an addictive, enjoyable and hugely productive habit!


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