Dance is one of the oldest forms of movement performance, originating from pre-historic times and sustaining itself worldwide through to today. The movement consists of various sequences and styles. It possesses a vast aesthetic appeal on many levels. It also holds the unique power to ignite an emotional response from the audience. Visceral dance choreography and music has the ability to connect the performer to the viewer through emotion and expression. I believe that dance is one of the most incredible ways to create connection to our bodies and, fundamentally, our inner-selves.

Dancing not only increases our fitness, our strength, flexibility and fluidity – it also increases our brain-power, and allows the endorphins to flow, increasing our happiness levels to an all-time high when practiced regularly. Our bodies were designed to move and stretch in sorts of various ways. Dancing of any style can allow us to express ourselves in unimaginable ways and escape the shadow-side of our minds through movement and flow. I believe that combining flowing and strength-related forms of exercise is a perfect form of meditation; we are able to reach a state of natural happiness that we are all supposed to experience in life.


the serenity healer

My Experience With Dance


I started dancing when I was a child, however never fully pursued anything serious. Tap, Jazz and Ballet were a weekly occurrence, as well as gymnastics and swimming. This desire for movement and bodily expression has continued into my adult years. Over the past 7 years, I have rekindled my love for dance in various forms. I spent many years dancing in venues around the UK and abroad during the years I became obsessed with dance music, dj’ing and clubs. However, once these years began to fade, I found a new love for the pole when travelling in Australia.

One day I decided to jump on a pole when a friend suggested it to me – I’d never thought about it before only having ever related it to exotic dancing! I instantly fell in love – pole was a way of combining gymnastics and movement in one tiny space, without having to venture outside or go anywhere! Perfect! This love continued up until the present day (minus a few months out here and there), as well as ecstatic dance – a beautiful form of dance enabling you to connect to your higher-self through total freedom-filled expressive movement.


the serenity healer


My Love For The Pole


Pole fitness is by far one of the most challenging, painful and at the same time, exhilarating and fulfilling forms of exercise and dance that I have ever experienced. Initially when starting out at the age of 25, I would literally lay awake at night wandering how certain moves were possible, I actually became obsessed!

I couldn’t wait to learn more and this just gave me the burning desire to continue. I purchased an x-pole and fitted one in my room and began to teach myself using numerous videos and tutorials. No matter where I lived around the country, the pole would come to!

Unfortunately being in London, it hasn’t been possible to have the pole in many places I’ve lived – hindering my progress. Luckily, I’ve always managed to find good studios to continue the practice.

In recent years, the sport has been rapidly on the increase in popularity – it is becoming one of the fastest-growing sports and I am just hoping one day it makes it’s way into the olympics! It absolutely should do, as the strength, determination and persistence required, is on the same level as gymnastics. If not even more so! the serenity healer

Dancing For The Soul!

Dance really is the movement of the soul and the route to a lot of women’s healing. With the art of dance, we can reclaim back our feminine power and remember what it feels like to be a woman. A great deal of women in todays’ society are living through their masculine; we are taught to succeed in a goal-orientated manner, power through whilst maintaining consistent mental-strength.

These can great attributes in certain stages of our lives, however, because of this expected dominance, we are losing the sight of the feminine; the softer, more flowing elements to our being. More women than ever are experiencing problems with their sexual organs and thus hindering their capabilities of becoming in touch with their true-selves and living a life through their birthright of creativity and passion. I can speak from experience. Only through dance and yoga have I been able to reconnect to my femininity, allowing the body (in particular the hips) to open up and become more flexible.

Dance Is For Everyone

For anyone thinking of exploring a new form of exercise, whereby you can express yourself in every way possible, I think that dance is one of the most healing forms available. There are endless different variations and one to suit every taste. Classes are everywhere! Get out there and explore what feels right for you – you will not regret it. If you don’t feel like venturing to classes, there’s always your own living room, bedroom and garden!

I believe from my own experience, one of the best times to dance is first thing in the morning. No matter how you feel, put on a track that you love, something uplifting, and literally just let your body flow however it chooses. Your mindset will instantly be shifted in the most positive way!


the serenity healer


Stay happy, stay healthy, stay conscious




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