Seeking Outside Ourselves

We live in time where people, particularly throughout the Western world, are seeking out more healers, more gurus, guidance and knowledge from religious sectors, spirituality, books and the predominately the internet than ever before. From my own experience over the years I definitely came under this category, absolutely ten-fold! Relentlessly seeking help and knowledge from specific ‘wise’ people; sages, astrologers, numerologists, psychics, witch doctors, wizards, shamans, healers, brahmans, psychologists, philosophers, therapists, health practitioners – you name it, I have been there! Always seeking knowledge and answers from external sources, in particular – in ways I should be living, attempting to gain greater insights and truth about myself, my destiny, my path.. thinking that others would have the answers.

It All Starts From Within

Seeking knowledge from outside sources can be incredible, some of the knowledge I have acquired from various sources in particular in India, has been some of the most fascinating pieces of invaluable information that can never be taken away from me nor erased from my psyche. The same goes for certain books I have read. However, as time has progressed, I have realised that by seeking out knowledge in my insatiable quest for self-awareness, over the past few years in particular, I began to see a pattern emerging. I would leave the wise old sage, feeling all so ‘healed’ with my new found knowledge and ‘truth’, however, only to realise this satisfaction was a mere temporary quench. And again, the cycle would continue and repeat in a matter of months, weeks, even days depending on external circumstances.

Perhaps you can resonate with this perpetual sequence of guidance seeking to some degree? Or maybe you don’t. Either way, in recent years I have began to realise that no matter what anyone else says, however wise someone else may be, how enlightened that Shaman or Guru may seem; the only person with the real answers about your life, is you. You hold all the knowledge and wisdom there ever was, right within the very centre of your own being. It is unlikely you will find those answers in an Ashram, or that psychic reading or angel cards.

These are all temporary fixes. Ultimately the journey is only with yourself. Only you can travel your journey, providing yourself with the answers that are right for you. I am not saying that these external sources of knowledge and advice are to be rejected, by any stretch, they all serve a purpose – some a placebo and some not, some do provide fountains of invaluable knowledge. However, when it comes down to it, we need to start trusting ourselves more and listening to that inner voice – the voice that holds all the wisdom that we ever truly need.

My Tips For Remembering Your Own Strength Within

I have compiled together a few tips in order to help you regain that strength within; for you to remember that ultimately you are the only person to really guide you through this life.

  • Listen To and Trust Your Intuition – Your inner voice is constantly trying to communicate with us in every situation, whether we choose to listen to it is entirely our decision; but I can assure you, the inner voice is always right. That ‘gut’ feeling about something, isn’t arbitrary, it is merely your higher self (or subconscious) – whichever you prefer to call it, telling you exactly what is aligned to your greatest good.
  • Have Faith in Your Own Abilities – What we believe about ourselves, we project that vibration to the universe. If we believe we are strength, focused, determined, capable and loving, this is the vibration we will portray and in turn, then universe will return all the opportunities that you have always desired.
  • Remembering the power of the mind is imperative, the mind is everything – What we think, we become; what we focus on, we attract and get more of. This is the law of attraction. If you don’t have faith in your abilities, how can you expect anyone else to have faith. It all starts with us; it’s about expansion and awareness.
  • Elevate your concept about yourself – greater opportunities arise when we have a more positive perspective about ourselves.
  • Be Courageous – Have the courage to explore the capabilities of yourself, you are so much stronger than you realise! When we over come our fears and take that leap of faith, the universe will almost always repay us by showing us that the decision was worthwhile; not always but more often than not – and if it does not go quite as you planned – you just accept the experience as one of life’s lessons and become a stronger person for stepping out your comfort zone. Each time, you will inevitably become stronger, continuously knocking those fears one-by-one. But remember, the key is to not have expectations in situations in life, that way you avoid potential disappointment.
  • Make Sure Your Decisions Are Right For YOU – In todays world, full of external opinions from media and friends, it can sometimes feel impossible to make the correct decisions for yourself. At the end of the day, no-one knows you more than yourself; only you can make the decisions, not your partner, sister, parents or gurus. If it feels good and your heart is saying yes, listen to this as this is the right path for you.
  • Be Bold With Your Decisions, Don’t Wait – Chances are more often than not, you will harbour an answer about a certain situation or problem for quite sometime before acting upon it. This not only prolongs the inevitable, it also causes imbalances within the body and could possibly become harmful to your health.
  • Don’t Wait to Make That All-Important Decision – act upon your ideas as soon as you can – you will possibly experience temporary, initial discomfort and pain, but no more than you were creating yourself by staying in that negative situation.
  • Trust yourself – Learn to trust yourself again, you will be grateful that you did! I promise! All great things come from our self-trust – we must believe and trust in ourselves before we can do anything in life.
  • You Could Potentially Save Yourself a Fortune if You Just Listened To Yourself More! – Take it from me, all these healers, gurus, retreats, psychics – are expensive, the cost really adds up! I must have spent thousands upon thousands over the years seeking advice from elsewhere other than myself. Like I said previously, you may definitely benefit from these holistic practitioners especially if you are going for relief from physical ailment symptoms – however, ultimately you need to remember that all the guidance that you ever really need is all within YOU.
  • Meditate! – Through correct, continuous meditation practice, you can access the stillness within and therefore the answers that lie deep within the subconscious. These answers cannot be found externally; your inner-higher-self knows best.

Life is a beautiful long journey with no fixed destinations, only our individual experiences can shape, develop and create growth and happiness. These experiences create opportunities to help you to develop yourself and help you to understand yourself more deeply. They enable us to build our unique strengths. Have faith in yourself and in what the universe holds for you, maintain great expectations of awesome possibilities and finally remember to always stay true to you, hold those morals and beliefs high!

Stay Conscious, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy