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Ohh, Sweet Sugar…


Sugar is a highly addictive substance, as we know. In fact, the same ‘feel-good’ brain receptors are triggered as when consuming cocaine. It is said that sugar is actually 8 times more addictive than cocaine! However, with sugar being far more socially acceptable and legal – there is no surprise most people are addicted (mostly unknowingly!) to the sweet, devilish substance.

The extortionate amount of sugar-laden foods we see in todays world were virtually non-existent amongst our ancestors. Subsequently, overall their diets were far healthier than the modern, western diet. Over recent years we have seen dramatic increases in illnesses such as diabetes, heart attacks and cancer in the western world. Moreover, increases in depression and anxiety diagnoses. I strongly believe excess sugar consumption is one of the main causes of these increases.

When eaten in excess, sugar can seriously wreak havoc on your mind and body. It’s a powerful neurotoxin, creating fatigue after short initial highs, causes acidity in the body and therefore feeds cancer cells. It also creates acidity in the body and therefore feeds cancer cells. Additionally, sugar increases nutrient imbalances and deficiencies, body-impairments such as ageing skin and immune system suppression, and behavioural changes such as depression, anxiety and hyperactivity.


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The Sweet Hidden Devil

Sugar is pretty much in everything we consume – particularly in processed foods. It seems most people have some sort of addiction to sugar whether they realise it or not! This is one of the things that I get asked about most because after finally kicking my sugar addiction once and for all.

There are 56 different names for sugars, that barely anyone is even aware of when checking the nutritional information. The following list is the different names of sugars in various forms, be mindful when purchasing products with any of these ingredients, be it natural or not – it’s all sugar!



I won’t lie – for me it was one of the hardest challenges to over-come. However, it has also been the most rewarding – by far! Giving up sugar will not only help you shed that unwanted weight, it will also do wonders for your skin, improve your sleep, increase your over-all energy, allow more nourishment to the bodies cells, elevate your mood and help you to feel more calm and still-minded.

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11. Don’t be fooled!


These seemingly ‘healthy’ protein and snack bars that are widely available from all our favourite health food stores are mostly loaded with hidden sugars. Take ‘Nakd’ bars for example; each one of these bars has on average of 14-15g sugar per bar. This is equivalent to nearly 4 teaspoons of sugar! Ginger bread flavour has 11g, whilst Rhubarb & Custard has 18g!

If you are desperate for a sweet fix, by all means these all natural snack bars are a slightly healthier option that a Cadbury’s Snickers. However, sugar is sugar. Be mindful when selecting those treat snack bars!

A good option is ‘Pulsin – Orange Chocolate Chip’. This has just under 6g of sugar. However, again,  try to limit anything like this to 1-2 portions per week, especially when attempting to quit the white stuff! Trust me, you will thank me later! I was consuming up to 2 of these ‘health’ bars daily, and in no time, I put on weight and created digestive havoc! Again, stay mindful and conscious to your health decisions. Listen to what your body is telling you. Chances are, if you are consuming excessive levels of sugar, you may start to notice the signals.


12. Become fulfilled in life!


Do what you love! Do more of what excites you, fills your mind with magic, contentment and happiness! The more you focus on things that excite you and aspects of your life that you love, the more distracted you will be from craving sugar. The esoteric meaning for sugar cravings is ‘the inability to accept and embrace tough emotions’. By doing what we love, we are able to combat a great deal of the tough emotions that challenge us in todays’ society.

Cravings also come from boredom, dissatisfaction in life and illogical and negative perspective. The mind and body work in synergy. If the mind isn’t satisfied, the body won’t be satisfied either and will therefore crave instant gratification to satisfy the discontentment – i.e. sugar fixes.

Explore what fills your soul. This way our solar plexus (our third chakra energy centre) becomes full and vibrant and we are less likely to fill the void with food-cravings.


13. Get as much sleep as possible


The less sleep we have, the less energy our mitochondria (cells energy centres) produce. Therefore, the more likely we are to crave sugar because of lack of energy. The less sugar we eat, the more the quality and depth of our sleep increases and therefore we don’t crave as much fast-energy hits.

Our Bodies Detox Best With Sugar-Free Food

14. Exercise


Exercise of any form keeps your mind and body, happy and healthy. Exercise releases endorphins creating a sense of satisfaction, relaxation and fulfilment. If prior to exercise you are craving sugar, ensure to keep your intake low. Opting for low-sugar fruits and healthy fats such as nuts and avocados to enable sufficient energy intake that your body requires.


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15. Relax


Connecting to your inner-self through meditation and deep-breathing will help to calm you through cravings. Recognise when you have strong cravings for sugar. Ask yourself ”do I really need this?” The sugar cravings will pass and in time, become more and more infrequent.


16. Be Consistent

Anything worth doing, requires persistence and consistency. It will take three days of absolutely no sugar to over-come the first initial ‘hump’. Once you have conquered these first three days, the rest will become easier. Eventually, your previous sweet-treats will seem overwhelmingly sweet as now you have trained your taste buds to enjoy healthier options.

Finally, good luck, have fun, stay strong & focused. Quitting sugar is by far one of the most incredible gifts you can give your body. You can totally do this! Watch you body and mind grow younger and stronger by the day.