Literally right from day one we are told what is ‘right’, what is ‘wrong’, ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘beautiful’ & ‘ugly’, the list of judgement polarities is endless. We are conditioned to judge everything and anything that comes into our lives, definitely including ourselves! With the huge influx of media, social media and in particular with the increasing attention on the external over the last few decades, we grow up with particular opinions and ideas on absolutely everything; we are conditioned to judge absolutely everything. This isn’t our fault, it’s merely the way society is and has been for many, many years.

However, how many times have you judged something or someone, only to turn out that your initial judgement couldn’t have been further from the truth? Once you gave that ‘thing’ or person the time and attention, you’ve realised that actually they are the complete opposite to your initial judgement. This non-serving process may possibly leave you to feel confused or possibly shameful, especially if the judgement is negative, we are only really hurting ourselves. Also how many times have you judged yourself? Perhaps every single day?! The more times we berate or belittle ourselves, the greater unhappiness we will create within.

There has never been a more important time in the history of humanity until now, whereby in order for earth to raise its consciousness, it’s vibration and live in a happier, fulfilled and more unified space, we need self-love, compassion and kindness to rise to extortionate levels. The world is in desperate need for greater collective compassion and in order to achieve this, it is imperative that each and every one of us learns the art of non-judgement. However, like any other re-programming of our conditioning-it will take persistent awareness and time to practice and implement.


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Every person on this planet has their story to tell, their darkness and their light; really, we will never truly know how anyone else feels on the inside; the only person that can understand that, is oneself no matter how well we think we know someone. Therefore, who are we to judge anything? Think about it. We don’t hold any place to put judgement upon anything or anyone and like I said, the only person we are really hurting, is ourselves.

Learning the art of non-judgement is a slow progress and one that we will all be learning throughout our entire journey, I practice it every day and will continue to do so and have noticed great improvements with my interactions with people I meet in my life and how I feel towards myself.


My Top Tips to Help You Along The Process of Becoming Non-Judgmental

1. Reflection


Remember what we judge negatively towards someone, is merely a reflection of what we don’t like about ourselves. And on the contrary, the greatness we see in life, is a reflection of our own greatness and beauty. Try seeing the beauty in everyone you meet, there is always something beautiful about everyone

2. Remember Judgement is Purely Ego


Each time you become aware of yourself judging yourself, something or someone as negative, stop your trail of thought in that instant. The more you challenge this negative judgement, the sooner you will release judgement from your life. The mind is like a muscle, the more we train it, the stronger it will become. Judgement is completely ego; our higher-self is non-judging – the more we judge, the more we strengthen our ego. We are conditioned whilst growing up to judge – this process is then embedded into our psyche. Release yourself from judging and watch your life transform!

3. Practice the Art of Self-love


Non-judgement is an aspect of self-love. The greater unconditional love we have for ourselves, the less we are likely to judge ourselves and others. The more we love and accept ourselves on a deeper level, the greater the chance of projecting loving thoughts to ourselves and to anyone we meet. This will seriously change your reality. For more ways to increase self-love, please check out my ‘Self-Love’ section.


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4. Be Your Own Thought Police


Thoughts are everything. By the power of your thoughts, you are able to manipulate your reality from negative to positive, you are in total control of your reality and how you feel throughout your life. Give yourself a challenge each day that everyone you approach, no matter how you feel, you only having positive and loving thoughts towards that person. At first you will find this tough as we are so used to judging people on first meeting. Build this awareness up by aiming to be consistently aware of your thoughts towards people and if you are aware of any negative judgements, change this judgement into a positive statement. Your interactions with people will change! Not only will you will increase your inner-calm, you may possibly disperse any tension and also raise their vibration by the power of your positive thoughts.

5. See Things in Life as a Blank Canvas – Accepting What is


Challenge yourself each and every day to see everything in your life as a blank canvas, don’t place a label of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ upon it. Start slowly and build this up, start with 10-minutes and increase the time each day. Accept everything for just how it is in that moment; practice sitting back and just observing things for what they are – without placing judgement upon it. The more we release the negative judgements in our lives, the more open you are to greater possibilities and positive experiences.

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6. Realise Your Abundance Will Increase!


The less we judge ourselves and others negatively, the greater our abundance in life will increase. By releasing the negative channels of thoughts in your mind, the greater space you create for more positive experiences to start flowing in – you will start living in a much more positive and happier reality, attracting greater happenings each and every day!


Stay happy, stay healthy, stay conscious xx