”When I get that goal under my belt, conquer that, achieve this, live there, travelled here, earn this amount of annual income, get that partner – I WILL be happy, I just know it! It’s what my soul has always needed in order to feel fulfilled and happy! This is the thing my soul has been waiting for I am sure of it this time! … Hold on, no…wait? But I’ve achieved so many goals I set for myself in my life and still don’t feel satisfied? Maybe next year will be MY year? Yes, next year is DEFINITELY my year – I can just feel it! Maybe it’s just not my time to feel completely awesome and happy just yet, I’ve still goals to achieve before this can happen, surely?”

Does this inner-dialogue sound familiar? We seem to live in an endless continuation of striving for more and more, the constant waiting for happiness to set in. Maybe once we’ve achieved more and more endless ‘goals’ we set ourselves, we will be happy?



Ahh Sneaky Ego


The endless task and goal list just never seems to be completed, right? We never seem to feel like we’ve ‘made it’ as much our ego’s seem to think we will, at SOME point. The list of things we need to achieve just never seems to fulfil us in the way that we always think they will? We go to bed thinking about what needs to be done the following day with the thought ”perhaps tomorrow I’ll be more productive and the goals I’ve set myself will make me happier?”

We are constantly questioning ourselves, ‘am I doing enough’, ‘am I achieving enough?’ The strive for ‘perfection’, for recognition, for achievement is tiring! Well the truth is, no matter what goals we have set ourselves in order to achieve, have you not noticed one major pattern? That no matter what we achieve, we are always striving for more? We never seem to actually ‘get there’, we never feel like ‘we’ve made it’, for any sustained period of time. Which, inevitably leads us feeling disappointed in the search for the next thing when we realise that what we have achieved, isn’t satisfying us for as long as how we initially anticipated.

When we take a good look back on our lives, we can see how much we have really achieved. Those countless goals and achievements that we worked so hard for and yet we barely give them any praise. Instead we search for the next conquest in the aim of fulfilling our void.


Plugged Into The Matrix


There seems to be increasing pressure in society with the huge influx of social media, to achieve more, BE more, acquire more, to earn at least 10k a week in passive income. There’s a zillion adverts and unrealistic expectations everywhere we turn, there’s no wonder we feel the pressures. I don’t know about you, but I often find this overwhelming and have to remind myself that it’s all part of the matrix. It’s all part of the great quest to keep us plugged into the system of tricking us into believing we need to achieve more in order to be happy.

That’s not to say we weren’t goal-orientated prior to social media – it’s in our DNA to want more from ourselves. However, the pressures all around us seem to be getting increasingly more intense, causing us more and more dissatisfaction.


It’s Time To Unplug & Enjoy The Journey


The sooner we realise we are always going to want more, the sooner we can work on finding the ‘happiness’ we strive for, in each and every journey we make. We’ve all heard ‘happiness is an inside job’, but not many of us seem to understand this concept on a soul-level. We accept it intellectually, and because of this, we remain only temporarily fulfilled by our achievements. It’s imperative that we understand we will always want more from ourselves, but that true happiness cannot be found in our endless pursuits and goal-achievements, but from within, right now in this very moment.

Once we can recognise the media pressures, we can pick and choose what we want to see in order to create peace within. We can start to unplug from the incessant adverts, emails, subscriptions that send us into a whirlwind of confusion. That way we can start to carefully select the goals that are right for us as individuals. If it feels right, then follow that and remember to enjoy the process as no matter what we achieve, they’ll be something else we desire subsequently!


Don’t Reach 90 Thinking ‘I Wish I’d Enjoyed the Ride More’


Find happiness and contentment in each and every process. The last thing you want is to reach 90 years of age and think, ”hold on, I still haven’t reached happiness because I haven’t accomplished all my goals?!” What a complete waste of a precious life! So just enjoy each and every day, every single process no matter how small or large and take each step as slow or as fast as you desire.




Reconnect to Your Higher Self.

In the end, the race is only with ourselves. Our relentless quest and seeking for new desires never ends, so you may as well start enjoying each moment of life, right now.