Ever struggled when someone asks you the question, ‘where are you from?’ Have you experienced a life of living in numerous places, growing up in different areas, changing schools a zillion times, forced into new social groups whether you liked it or not? Perhaps you have absolutely no idea where your roots really lay, or even where you’d like to settle – hold on wait, did I just say the word ‘settle’?! This word isn’t usually in my vocabulary in a physical sense – however, from experience, it is absolutely possible to become ‘settled’ wherever you are mentally and thus physically, in the here and now – the wondrous presence; through mindset, self-love and acceptance. Even despite having an unsettling upbringing and not really knowing where you are from.


the serenity healer


My whole childhood was spent moving every two years, new schools, new friends, new country. The butterfly soul was therefore conditioned in me before I was even able to grasp the concept. Really, I have absolutely no idea where I am from geographically as I moved around so often. Living in more places around the UK and the world by the age of 12 than most people have in their whole lives. This life of course came with it’s positives. Rapidly, I had to become good at meeting new people, integrating and putting myself out there, otherwise I would have ended up a lonely soldier! However, over time this can knock the confidence from you as eventually you start to ponder, where am I actually from? Where do I belong? Who is my tribe? Perhaps you can resonate when I say there have been times where I didn’t even feel I belonged to my own family. I never really felt like I belonged anywhere, or within any group of people. This sense of ‘belonging’ is something I have been working on my whole life and perhaps this resonates with you; it certainly seems to be a common reoccurring question amongst the soul-searchers of this world that I come into contact with.



The butterfly soul in me has never left, hence my obsession with worldly travels and not being able to sit still in one place for longer than a year before I start getting itchy feet. And although I used to hate being asked the question ‘where are from?’ – not having the faintest of what to reply with, ‘I have no idea’ – would be the immediate response, as quite honestly I never really knew. However, having spent years embarking on the intensive spiritual path of self-awareness and acceptance, I have developed a sense of appreciation for the path I grew up within; we all choose our paths before we come into our physical bodies.

the serenity healer

We choose absolutely everything that comes into our lives whether we choose to believe that or not; we choose every circumstance, people, place and situation that arises. We choose our families, our path and purpose well before our physical reality. Once we grasp this concept, we can no longer be in the victim mode; the ‘poor me’, ‘why did I get this tough path?’. In reality everyone has their struggles, just in varying degrees of vibrational frequency – some paths may seem to the average person, a more challenging path to others; however, all paths are relative to the individual and one path is ultimately no easier than the next.

And then comes my next realisation with regards to belonging; we all belong everywhere and anywhere. We are omnipresent and can belong absolutely anywhere we desire. Wherever you are right now, is where you belong in this very moment. Your past shapes you as a person, but in absolutely no way defines you. We have the freedom and choice to be wherever we want, whenever we want in this physical world and that’s the beauty of it. The reality of what you are experiencing right now, is the only awareness in your reality at that very moment; nothing else matters. This is the art of being in the present moment. Where we physically came from has no real significance or importance on our reality in terms of defining who we are; ultimately we are all the same and all come from the same source.


the serenity healer


The earth is ours to be wherever we choose, and the people we come into contact with our here become our blessings and lessons – however we choose to perceive each one. The people we attract and hold onto, attraction through love, synchronicity and resonance, become our tribe. The reasons we feel this connectedness with particular people is because we have lived many lives with them previously in various forms – nothing is coincidence. Ultimately we are one and all connected; humans, nature; the universe and once we grasp this concept, we can no longer feel alone, or disconnected. As we are all just reflections of each other. Once you become more connected to your higher-self and soul’s calling, you understand you are never really alone; and that you are exactly right where you need to be, surrounded by the people who are here to help teach us and help us grow; whilst being guided by allies and higher, divine and sacred beings and angels.


Stay happy, stay healthy, stay conscious